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Ruth Locher


Geboren in Basel und hier die Schule besucht. 

1992 beginne ich die Ausbildung zur Physiotherapeutin und arbeite nach dem Abschluss in der Rehaklinik in Rheinfelden mit neurologischen -und orthopädischen Patienten und später in einer Physiotherapie Praxis in Basel als Manualtherapeutin. Während meiner Ausbildung zur Physiotherapeutin entdeckte ich die Faszination der Rehabilitation. Menschen so anzuleiten und zu trainieren, dass sie ihren Alltag wieder schmerzfreier, leichter, befreiter erleben können. Mit meiner Ausbildung zur Pilatestrainerin CPM habe ich für mich den Kreis geschlossen in dem ich damit die Kunden nach der Physiotherapie weiter betreuen kann und sie somit unterstützen kann mit gezieltem Training Beschwerdefrei zu bleiben. Die ganzen Jahre meines schaffens suchte ich nach etwas, dass nach der Physiotherapie folgt. 2017 begann ich die Ausbildung zum CPM Pilates Trainer und arbeitet mit Karin Locher zusammen (www.contrology-pilates-method.com) sowie mit Jasmin Sheta und Joachim Schultz, nach den neuesten Erkenntnissen aus der Faszienforschung. Im Oktober 2019 erlangte ich den CPM Education-Abschluss.

As a local from the city of Basel-Stadt, born and raised in Riehen, I first pursued a career as a physiotherapist. For several years I worked at the Reha Rheinfelden rehabilitating patients with either neurological or orthopedic injuries. Thereafter, I worked as a manual therapist in a private physiotherapy praxis in Basel-Stadt. 


Ever since I began my vocation in the field of physiotherapy, the challenge of rehabilitating injured and physically handicapped persons has fascinated me. I thrive in the challenge and ability to assist, guide and train such persons to get back on their feet and lead a normal life, without pain, physical hindrances or any other kind of debilitating limitation to their daily mobility.  


Later, by continuing my professional development in the specialised field of Pilates, my vocation came full circle. Today, as a trained CPM (Contrology Pilates Method) Pilates instructor, I now help patients, after their initial and traditional physiotherapy, to find longer-term viable means to work and train their bodies so that they may live a symptom-free lifestyle in a self-sustaining manner. Helping people help themselves to enjoy a strong and healthy body rid off pain and agony, this is my goal and ambition as a trained professional in CPM Pilates. 


I began my training as CPM Pilates trainer in 2017 working closely with Karin Locher  www.contrology-pilates-method.com) and with Jasim Sheta und Joachim Schulz, who not only taught me the necessary skills but have also inspired me through their personal and professional successes in this continuously evolving field of nuanced physical training and practise. In October 2019 I completed my professional certification as CPM Pilates instructor, and opened my studio for personal Pilates training, Pilates Time. Come by and learn more about us. 



Pilates Instruktor Balanced Body

Garuda Education

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Serra Faraci Furrer

I was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland, where I studied at the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne. In 2013, my family and I moved to Basel where I have worked in different yoga and pilates studios since. Today, I’m proud to be a Pilates co-trainer here at Pilates Time. 


I have always been fascinated by the human muscle, its minutiae parts and intricate movements connected to the tissue and other relevant bodily substances. In 2009, I decided to bring this very particular interest of mine to life in that I pursued and completed a Balanced Body Pilates education. As a trained Pilates instructor, I have since participated in a number of Pilates and other closely related rehabilitation workshops all around the world. In XXXX, I opened my own studio in Istanbul. 


My main focus of work in the past was concentrated on patients with back and shoulder injuries and pain, including Scoliosis and Osteoporosis. For the most part I treated and worked with these patients on a one-on-one basis, which today is my preferred but not the only way of engagement when applying my Pilates skills and knowledge. 


When practising and sharing my Pilates approach, I pay great attention to detail and preciseness, as taught by the art of Pilates; at the same time I try to instill some fun, creativity and lightness into my style of training. 


Recently I completed a further professional training course in Garuda Pilates to complement my existing and more traditional way of Pilates training with a slightly other and adjusted style of practise, using movements rooted in yoga. I look forward to sharing my combination of training and practise with you at Pilates Time. Come by and learn more about us and at our Studio.